Finding the right results is only possible when search is flexible and forgiving. Our neural search lets people use any data type to get the results they need fast.

Users expect relevant results quickly. However today’s search algorithms can’t fully mimic the human brain and are often limited to a single data type and parallel result.

Unlike search engines of the past, our neural search uses generative AI to uncover and learn linking rules within data to create smarter searchable indexes of all information in the database. This allows our customers to automatically construct a generative AI index to make search more efficient and accurate for the end user.

Boltzbit proudly works with:

Data Types: Neural Search Brings Full Flexibility

Neural search is able to understand a wide range of data types and sources using natural language queries. This anything-to-anything search goes way beyond simple keyword matching or symbolic search.

Possible data types:

  • Natural language
  • Images
  • Text
  • Video
  • Audio

Neural search is also forgiving of poor spelling or alternative descriptions, so search solutions can be more easily discovered by in-expert users.

Applications: Industry use cases

The application of our neural search is endless, with multiple verticals and company types able to benefit from implementing it within their software.

Boltzbit neural search applications:

  • Legal documents, contract templates and within structural claims and clauses
  • Patents across technical description text as well as system diagrams
  • Logo images, text and trademark registration documentation
  • Book covers, ratings, reviews, and authors
  • Fashion products, images, product information, brand and sizing
  • Holidays including budget, locations, hotels, car rentals and activities
  • Financial products for risk, returns, time and company or asset profile

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