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Innovative Solutions by Generative AI

We fulfil promises of AI for businesses.

Recover missing details in images with deep generative networks

Our deep generative visual models are trained to generate high-resolution pictures itself. With a single network, our deep generative model can significantly recover details in images of different qualities and conditions.

Demo Coming Soon

Intelligent fashion search through generative style understanding

By training to generate fashion styles from images, our deep generative visual models can develop a taste of fashion itself. With a single neural network, our generative visual model can quickly find relevant fasion product in millions of pictures.

Demo Coming Soon

Deep semantic analysis with generative language engine

By training to generate text and conversations itself, our deep generative language models can understand the semantics and syntax of language. With a single neural network, our generative model can solve semantic search, text generation, machine translation and many more challenging problems.

Demo Coming Soon