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Full-stack Developer

This role will be involved in diverse exciting production-scale AI solutions to developing proprietary AI modeling tools and platforms. You will work closely with our AI researchers to transfer Neural Generative Learning (NGL) AI into innovative software solutions.




  • Building deep learning research infrastructure around big data and distributed GPU training
  • Creating software tooling ecosystem around Boltzbit Generative Deep Learning technology
  • Developing Boltzbit AI product solutions in financial technology, digital solutions and healthcare


  • Proven experience (3+ years) as a Full Stack Developer
  • Experience in design of micro-services.
  • Fluent in Javascript, Java/C++ and Python
  • Familiar with backend frameworks, e.g., Spring, Django.
  • Good experience in CI/CD techniques on cloud, e.g., containerization, Kubernetes and Docker swarm


  • Interests in AI and machine learning
  • Active contributors to open-source projects
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