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Our Vision

To reach its full potential, AI has to be creative.

Meet the team


We are researchers, engineers and dreamers who truly believe that AI is critical to our future. We are also entrepreneurs who believe that technologies should be used for the benefits of everyone. We make our research in AI available to everyone passionate about innovations.


We are fascinated to see the amazing progress of AI in industry in the last five years. But, we also see that current AI development is unscalable because it heavily depends on humans' supervisions on specific tasks. In early 2020, we founded Boltzbit to advance AI in industry. Our research in the fundamentals of neural networks demonstrates that the power of AI to create innovative solutions on challenging problems.


As scientists, we value the fundamental research greatly. The root of our AI technology is one of the earliest neural networks called Boltzmann machines back to the 1980s. We named our company as "Boltzbit" to remind us that groundbreaking technological innovations come from fundamental research.


We have been working on the frontline of AI research and engineering for more than 10 years. We are lucky to achieve the technology we have so far. We founded Boltzbit in early 2020 to pursue our vision in AI. We are fortunate to work with IQ Capital in our seed round investment. It is just the beginning of our journey.