Generative AI is turbo-charging the progress of AI in business. Generative AI can keep learning new tasks from many unlabelled texts and images. Our low-code Generative AI platform gives you the power to tame your data quickly. Whether you're a data scientist or a growth marketer, you can harness the power of generative AI in seconds.

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Needed to get started

Artificial intelligence is already helping us make better decisions. But early AI is limited to experts and requires a lot of resources.

Boltzbit is a low-code platform that everyone can use with zero coding effort.


Faster Deployment

AI projects typically take anywhere from three to 36 weeks to deploy, depending on the scope and complexity of the use case.

Boltzbit reduces set-up time from weeks to hours, saving time and cost.


Uplift in AI Success Rate

Most AI projects never reach deployment. Before an ML model can be coded, data prep must come first, and that’s often massively underestimated.

Boltzbit is the first platform to put deep learning generative AI into the hands of everyone.


Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Bring your data into Boltzbit in minutes using MySQL, Postgresql, Google Cloud, AWS and other commonly used tools. You can combine multiple databases from different sources and build AI projects across them all.

Automated Deep Learning

Inspired by the latest transformer architecture, Boltzbit’s neural networks can self-learn any data type, including text, images, videos and tabular data. Boltzbit’s neural networks significantly boosts the capability of AI and reduces the cost of training.

Universal Deployment

With a single click, Boltzbit Generative AI can be deployed as a SaaS solution with customised REST APIs. Boltzbit AI conducts new prediction tasks with fast fine-tuning and improves over time as more data is available.

Enterprise Users

Fintech and Banking

Big data quickly becomes overwhelming. Operational challenges make it tough to leverage your data quickly and handle cases where the data you have is insufficient. We can help you operationalize data-driven automation.

Growth Marketing

Optimizing marketing spend is critical but hard to get right. Without a clear forecast of market trends or detailed historical campaign data, it isn’t easy to know how to get the most from your budget. We can help you optimize your budget spend.


Quickly finding the right results is only possible when your search capabilities are flexible and forgiving. Our neural search lets people use any data type – natural language, images, text, video or audio to get great results.

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